Traveling the USA can be one heck of an adventure for those coming from foreign lands. However, doing things the wrong way can make things very ugly really quick. When in America, you got to watch yourself because doing things wrong can get you into trouble in a hurry. In this second set of tips for traveling the USA as a foreigner, here are some dos and don’ts that can save you from a lot of trouble.

1. Don’t use slang words

Different regions of the US have different slangs that have distinct meanings, depending on who is the recipient of the message. While often displayed in American media and may seem harmless, the use of slang words, especially by foreigners, can be a potentially tricky proposition. For example, you just can’t tell a black American the N-word, especially if you are not black yourself. For your own safety, do not use slang words.

2. Obey traffic laws

For some foreigners who are used to lax traffic laws, this can be a shocker. America is quite strict when it comes to road rules. They are more than willing to chase down overspeeding drivers and penalize those who beat the red light. In more serious infarctions, you can even get fined and/or arrested! The fact that you’re a foreign visitor can further complicate matters. This is why when you are in America, you have to strictly obey traffic laws.

3. Give tips

Tipping is common practice in the USA, and there are many reasons behind it. Americans view tipping as part of good manners, a way to say thanks for great quality service. Also, some Americans, especially those who work in the service industry, rely on tips as a major part of their income. This is why if you visit an establishment (and especially if they provided you stellar service), you should give tips. The better the service, the bigger the tip!

4. Be on time always

Punctuality is something that is highly valued in America. It is expected that you make it on meetings and appointments on time, especially if you are the one who set the schedule. Americans in general consider punctuality an essential form of paying respect, which is why you got to do your best to arrive on time, regardless of what your schedule or what the type of commitment is.

There are a number of quirks you should expect when you are traveling in the USA. Following these tips will help you stay away your trouble as you discover the glories of America. You can even make some great friends here and even find a job. It is in Little Rock, Arkansas that I met a good pal of mine, Travis that runs the best garage door repair Little Rock company. We watch the hogs game every now and then when I return to the USA!

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